Sternzeichen Zwilling – Der passende Schmuck zur Unterstützung

Zodiac sign Gemini – The right jewelry for support

Do you want to know which characteristics are typical of Gemini and how their positive qualities can be strengthened? Then read here

Between May 21st and June 21st everything is under the zodiac sign Gemini (Gemini, astrological symbol ♊). This is the third sign of the zodiac and air is the appropriate element of Gemini.

Gemini can be described as sociable, creative and lively. He is constantly looking for new people and new adventures. Thanks to his charming nature, the Gemini also manages to make contacts and make himself popular very quickly. Because the Gemini is constantly looking for something new and undiscovered, it is easier for him than others to come up with innovative solutions or ideas. His always active thoughts and his overzealous nature sometimes make it difficult for Gemini, as he often overestimates himself and wants to do several things at once.

The Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is a natural power stone in beautiful, individual brown and gold tones that are reminiscent of the earth and the sun. The power stone enchants its wearer not only with its delightful appearance but also with its powerful effects and is known as the “stone of balance and insight”. It is known to help its wearer make important decisions as it is said to refine the senses. It can protect against negative influences such as stress or mood swings by increasing balance.

Here you can take a look at the tiger eye jewelry.

Each power stone has its own individual look and effect. If you are looking for the right power stone for you, you can view the entire Powerful Stones collection here. You can find the Powerful Stones in our bracelets, earrings and two different necklaces.

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