Der Relaunch des Engelsrufers - Ein Schmuckstück, das die besondere Bindung zwischen Mutter und Tochter zelebriert

The relaunch of the Engelsrufer - a piece of jewelry that celebrates the special bond between mother and daughter

Discover the relaunch of the Engelsrufer, a unique piece of jewelry that symbolizes the deep bond between mother and daughter. Immerse yourself in the moving story of Leslie and Lilly and find out how this handmade piece of jewelry becomes a bridge of your love and connection.

The uniqueness of jewelry: A story in every detail

Each piece of jewelry has its own unique story and philosophy that it expresses. A prime example of this is the Engelsrufer, a symbolic piece of jewelry that has captured the hearts of people on all continents since its creation in 2010 by Sabine and Mario Martini.

Elaborately handcrafted using the highest quality materials in small Thai factories, each Engelsrufer combines an individual design and deep symbolism.

The deep symbolism of the Engelsrufer:

A very special story of deep maternal love and connection is told by the Engelsrufer of Leslie and her daughter Lilly. Leslie, who has carried her Engelsrufer close to her heart for years, always felt the invisible presence and protection that this piece of jewelry symbolizes.

Now that Lilly is growing up, the moment has come to pass on this invisible guard and love. The Engelsrufer, who has accompanied Leslie over the years, now becomes Lilly's loyal companion. It is a symbol of the unconditional love and constant protection that a mother offers her daughter even when she cannot be physically present.

The Engelsrufer: A piece of jewelry that connects mothers and daughters

13 years of Engelsrufer: The anniversary

To celebrate Engelsrufer's 13th anniversary, the creative team around Sabine and Mario Martini decided to create an anniversary collection. The traditional Engelsrufer is being reissued and combined with a delicate little wing, because what would an angel be without wings?

This collection connects the past with the present and the future and celebrates the enduring importance of the Engelsrufer. Each sound ball in the Engelsrufer can be exchanged and personalized in five different colors. The individual sound of each ball is intended to summon the personal guardian angel - another symbol of the everlasting protection that the Engelsrufer embodies.

The new Engelsrufer

The new Engelsrufer is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a sign of hope, love and eternal connection. He symbolically gives us wings to fly and reminds us that we are never alone. He is a faithful companion on our life paths and a constant reminder that angels are always around us, ready to help and protect us.

The story of Leslie and Lilly is just one of many told by the Engelsrufer. She illustrates the strong and unchanging bond between a mother and her daughter. Be inspired by your own Engelsrufer and find your personal guardian angel.

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