Bernstein für Kinder und die heilende Wirkung

Amber for children and the healing effects

Some new products recently arrived at Herzengel. Among other things, our enchanting amber jewelry awaits you for your little one! You can also find out more about the effects of amber here.

Amber and its effects

Amber has always been considered a protective stone throughout history. It is often also called a stone of optimism and joy of life. Wearing amber should make the children feel good and the amber also protects the little ones from negative influences. Furthermore, the essential oils inside the stone have a pain-relieving effect. The stone can work wonders, especially when babies are teething. In addition to all the positive effects, amber is also a totally stylish accessory that suits every child. Amber necklaces are perfect as a gift for baptism or communion.

Did you know that amber is actually tree resin that emerged from the wounds of pine trees and other conifers millions of years ago and hardened very quickly in the air?

Herzengel amber collection

At Herzengel you will find the perfect amber necklace or the right amber bracelet for your child. The pieces of jewelry are not only made of amber, but they also have a sweet detail. Every piece of amber jewelry from Engelsrufer is also equipped with a small silver heart wing made of stainless steel. The bracelet also has a security lock with a twist lock so that it does not fall off easily. The amber necklace, on the other hand, has a safety lock with a click closure so that you can simply tear the necklace off your neck in emergencies such as a choking hazard.

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