Collection: Decorative candles

Where is better than home? You simply feel most comfortable in your own four walls. Our decorative candles give your home a pleasant scent through their unforgettable scent compositions. It is not an ordinary candle, no, it is a candle with jewelry. Each candle contains a fine piece of jewelry from Engelsrufer. Also discover our jewelry cases, which are perfect for storing your treasures.


  1. Light your scented candle made from 100% natural soy wax and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Enjoy the magical natural atmosphere through the smell of the finest essential oil.
  3. Let yourself be surprised, because after a while you may discover something in your scented candle.
  4. Carefully remove the protective packaging from the wax and you will find your personal Engelsrufer piece of jewelry with meaning.


Each candle has its own magical composition of a heavenly necklace and its matching distinctive scent. The meaningful piece of jewelry is made of stainless steel. The candle packaging is made of high-quality satin-frosted glass with a real wood lid. The ingredients of the scented candle consist of 100% natural soy wax and the finest essential oil. The burning time is approx. 35 hours.