Sternzeichen Wassermann & der passende Kraftstein

Zodiac sign Aquarius & the matching power stone

Between January 21st and February 18th everything is under the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius (Latin Aquarius astrological symbol ♒) is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and contrary to what you think, air is the element of Aquarius.

Character traits Aquarius

Aquarius is a very visionary, charismatic and creative person. He likes to swim against the current; he is attracted to everything that doesn't correspond to the mainstream. This is due to his creative and inventive nature. Many new ideas come through the Aquarius's head every day. This is the reason why he thinks many steps ahead and is always ahead of his fellow human beings.

However, due to his creativity and high demands on himself, he is often exposed to enormous stress. His helpful and social nature can sometimes be his downfall because he sometimes gets lost in things and therefore has no time to rest and recharge his batteries.

Each zodiac sign is assigned its own power stone, which is said to give its wearer certain properties and powers. The right power stone for Aquarius is blue agate.

Blue agate not only shines with its particularly beautiful color, but can also have positive effects on health.

The power stone is considered an important helper in dealing with stress and its symptoms. It ensures balance, which is particularly important for creative minds like Aquarius.

Blue agate helps Aquarius strengthen their sense of reality so that they don't get lost in their endless ideas. The power stone helps him to restore his inner balance and thus free himself from all negative energies.

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