Sternzeichen Skorpion und der passende Kraftstein rote Jaspis

Zodiac sign Scorpio and the matching power stone red jasper

Here you can find out everything about the zodiac sign Scorpio, its ascendant, an overview of the character traits of Scorpio and the matching power stones in wonderful accessories from Engelsrufer.

Your zodiac sign Scorpio

Between October 24th and November 22nd everything is under the zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and water is the appropriate element for Scorpio.

Character traits of Scorpio

The Scorpio is a true individualist and has some unique character traits. In addition to their intrepid and tough nature, Scorpios are also particularly attentive observers, thinkers and analysts.

The right gemstone that can effectively support the scorpions is our power stone, red jasper. Jasper is also considered the “mother of all gemstones” and people have believed in its healing properties and strength for thousands of years.

Red Jasper can give Scorpio confidence and the ability to mentally process. Especially in the autumn and winter months, red jasper is your ideal companion as a strong and relieving accessory. This power stone accompanies you in staying focused and determined.

What can also be said about the zodiac sign Scorpio is that they can fill a room with energy even with few accessories. The red jasper, with its beautiful red appearance, is the right power stone for scorpions, which positively supports your characteristics and recharges the wearer's energy fields.

Red jasper represents body, mind and soul. It can bring deep power, wisdom and inner strength to its wearer with its mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Libra has the element air and the celestial body Venus. The ascendant of Libra is Taurus. The lapis lazuli helps Libra to be more capable of conflict.

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Engelsrufer Scorpio zodiac sign

You can find the Powerful Stone chain in two different sizes. The Powerful Stone chain in S has the look of the Paradise product from Engelsrufer, the chain in size M has the great symbol of the flower of life. You will find great matching earrings with the red jasper stone as well as a bracelet with a stone and two other bracelets with 3 or 5 stones from the Powerful Stone collection. These are malachite, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, rose quartz and blue agate. The power stones in the Powerful Stone collection are precious or semi-precious stones that are said to have a special healing effect. The products are all made of 925 sterling silver and have been further refined with rhodium. This means that all pieces of jewelry are comfortable to wear, are nickel-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.

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