Sternzeichen Schütze und sein passender Kraftstein Lapislazuli

Zodiac sign Sagittarius and its matching power stone lapis lazuli

Here you can find out everything about the zodiac sign Sagittarius and an overview of its character traits. In our blog post we discuss who Sagittarius suits best and how their positivity can be supported even more

Sagittarius zodiac sign – his character

People with the zodiac sign Sagittarius were born between November 23rd and December 21st and have a number of positive character traits. They are truly happy people who are full of euphoria. Men and women with the zodiac sign Sagittarius are open-hearted and usually very self-confident, determined and open-minded.

Lapis lazuli as a supportive healing stone for the zodiac sign Sagittarius

The cheerful, dynamic and adventurous Sagittarius is primarily supported by the power stone lapis lazuli and strengthens his character traits. It can even minimize negative feelings as it promotes optimism and can eliminate depression and anxiety. This gemstone can calm your own mind and strengthen your will. Psychic abilities can be increased and the body, mind and soul are cleansed. Lapis lazuli can also bring peace in cases of blockages and a weak immune system. It is a deep blue metamorphic rock that shines beautifully and was one of the first gemstones to be used to make jewelry and has great meaning.

You can find out here how best to discharge and recharge power stones. To unload the stone, the stone must be held under running water. Rub gently with your fingers for a minute. Rub dry with a clean cotton cloth. The stored information can be easily removed. An energetic cleansing occurs when the stone is placed in a collection of hematites or amethysts in a quiet place overnight. The charging is done by moon and sun stones. Sunstones such as aquamarine, jasper, tiger's eye and a few others are suitable for charging in the morning sun, as the midday sun is too aggressive. For moonstones, such as agate, lapis lazuli, malachite and rose quartz, there is no specified time, but the red moon should be avoided.

Now discover our beautiful lapis lazuli power stones incorporated into jewelry:

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