Ginkgo - der Baum der Hoffnung

Ginkgo - the tree of hope

With its two-part leaf shape, the ginkgo tree represents yin and yang. Find out more about the beautiful symbolism of our Ginkgo jewelry.

Jewelery with Ginkgo leaf & flower

With its two-part leaf shape, the ginkgo tree represents yin and yang. It symbolizes gentleness and vitality, love and friendship or generally the love of two people. The leaf of the Ginkgo tree Biloba captivates you and strengthens your solidarity. The distinctive ginkgo has a fan-shaped shape and also represents fertility and longevity.

Our jewelry from the Beauty of Nature collection was inspired by the meaning and appearance of the ginkgo tree. The delicate look in bicolor with silver and gold or silver and rosé underlines the importance of ginkgo. At Engelsrufer you will find jewelry with a ginkgo motif as a necklace, bracelet, earring or as a charm for your individual bracelet made of real silver. Whether with stones in shimmering shades of blue and green, as a marcasite pendant or as a simple bicolor necklace - there is something for everyone here. The Ginkgo necklace with pendant made of 925 sterling silver can also be combined with other pieces of jewelry as a layering look. Our Engelsrufer Ginkgo jewelry radiates pure elegance and femininity.

Discover our Ginkgo necklaces in gold, rose and 925 real silver jewelry from Engelsrufer

Engelsrufer Ginkgo earrings real silver rose gold Engelsrufer chain Ginkgo Gold real silver

Ginkgo flowers and their effects

Ginkgo has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and has now become established. The Ginkgo Biloba extract not only helps with circulatory disorders and metabolic problems, it also stimulates blood circulation in the brain. Because of the positive effects that the ginkgo extract produces, it is considered a medicinal plant. It is also said to be helpful for concentration disorders and forgetfulness.

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