Das verrät Dein Schmuckstück über Dich: Engelsrufer und seine Bedeutung

This is what your piece of jewelry reveals about you: Engelsrufer and its meaning

Different colors and motifs have different effects and support your personality. Have you always wanted to know which colors and symbols are suitable for you? Then you are right here.

As they say? Clothes make the man! A person's effect usually depends on the clothing they are wearing. Because people are often judged first and foremost by their external appearance.

Black clothing conveys a dominant and at the same time intellectual appearance, while stronger colors such as red or yellow express qualities such as joy of life, passion and strength. If you would like to know what impression colors such as white, gold or brown create, then you can read the color meanings here.

Not only the colors that you prefer when choosing clothing but also different materials, fabrics, designs and the combination of the individual parts create a certain effect and describe the wearer. Conclusions about your nature and character can be drawn from your clothing style. Through your clothing you can make statements and express yourself better. Most of the time in everyday life you are forced to wear simpler, more classic outfits due to work or appointments. That's why jewelry is ideal for highlighting your own personality. Because what many people don't realize is that your piece of jewelry also reveals a lot about you.

Of course, a person's state of mind is not always constant. There are days when you are full of strength, days when you feel a lot of happiness and joy in life, but also days when you feel weaker and long for security.

Engelsrufer has created the perfect piece of jewelry for these daily mood swings: the Powerful Stones series. The Powerful Stones range consists of natural gemstone products in six different colors, each of which has its own positive effect on the mind and body. You can easily open the pendants on the necklaces and change the gemstone inside depending on your mood. This means you can easily express and improve your own state of mind through your jewelry.

Here you can go directly to the Powerful Stone collection

Your piece of jewelry characterizes you

Jewelry characterizes its wearer both because of the color meanings and the various symbols.

If you combine a simple black dress with a piece of jewelry from the Flowers of Life collection, you will achieve a different effect than if you combine the same dress with a necklace or an earring from the Angel Wings collection. Just like colors, symbols also have a unique effect. The flower of life was inspired by flora and fauna; it represents harmony and joy of life. It symbolizes the infinite power of creation. Whereas the angel wing symbolizes love and protection. It is a timeless classic.

Individuality through the layering look

And if you want to express your own individuality and creativity then it's called layering.

The layering look involves wearing several pieces of jewelry on top of each other. There are no specific rules here. Whatever you like is right. Be it necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings. All jewelry is suitable for the layering look. The special thing about it is that you can better express your own character through the combination of different symbols and colors.

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