Das Sternzeichen Krebs ausmacht und sein Unterstützer

The zodiac sign Cancer and its supporter

Everything about the zodiac sign Cancer, its characteristics and its supporters

Anyone whose birthday is between June 22nd and July 22nd belongs to the zodiac sign Cancer. The moon is the planet and water is the element of Cancer (English: Cancer, astrological symbol ♋). He makes up the fourth sign of the zodiac.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Cancer

Cancer can be described as emotional, determined, subtle and tactical.

This zodiac sign lives out its emotions intensively and interpersonal relationships are particularly important to it. Cancer can be attributed to both maternal and childlike characteristics. His fragile and shy nature is reminiscent of a child, although his caring and helpful qualities can be attributed to his motherly side.

The perfect power stone for Cancer

The rose quartz power stone is also called the “stone of love”. He represents unconditional love and can supposedly remove negative energies and replace them with loving vibrations. Rose Quartz allows the wearer to have an open heart that is ready to accept love. Body and mind can be positively influenced and strengthened.

Rose quartz promotes Cancer's understanding of its fellow human beings, without Cancer itself losing the necessary distance. This is particularly important because Cancer often takes a back seat through its mother's side in order to please others.

Powerful Stones power beads

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