Am 08.03. ist internationaler Weltfrauentag! – Doch was steckt eigentlich dahinter?

On March 8th It's International Women's Day! – But what is actually behind it?

To answer the question of why you actually celebrate International Women's Day and what you can give your partner for this occasion, here are a few inspirations that are perfect as a gift for your girlfriend.

International Women's Day and its meaning

International Women's Day has its roots in the workers' movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From the end of the 19th century onwards, women in many countries became involved in fighting for equal rights, higher wages and better working conditions for women, as well as women's suffrage and against discrimination. On this day, we set an example against discrimination against women and for gender equality. If that isn't enough reason to be happy: International Women's Day has been a public holiday in Berlin since 2019. Actually, we women should be celebrated 365 days a year, but we still like to use International Women's Day as an opportunity to do something good for ourselves. Our mom, best friend or neighbor will certainly also be happy to receive some nice attention.

Suitable gift ideas for International Women's Day

The classic gift is usually a bouquet of flowers. A bouquet like this doesn't look too thick and is always well received by women, especially when it involves their favorite flowers. With this gift you can show your wife that you value her as a person and your achievements.

Our beautiful pieces of jewelry, which are as unique as you are, underline your personality and make your innermost being shine. A suitable example of this is the hoop earrings collection from Engelsrufer, which is available in many different versions, so there is something for everyone. The classic hoop earrings are a perfect piece of jewelry for layering, because you can wear several earrings not only on the neck but also on the ear. The creole goes with every outfit and occasion and is therefore a must-have in your jewelry collection - whether gold, silver or rosé. At Engelsrufer there are also hoop earrings with marcasite stones set with pyrite. As a classic healing stone that supports body and mind in regeneration, pyrite gives new hope, optimism and richness of feeling.

So give a small gift to a strong woman to honor her on this day, whether she is a wife, mother, sister, friend or daughter.

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