Sternzeichen Stier – das passt dazu

Zodiac sign Taurus – that fits

Do you want to know how the positive character traits of Taurus can be brought out even more positively? Then you will find your answers here.

What suits the Taurus zodiac sign best? Anyone whose birthday is between April 21st and May 20th belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus. Do you want to know how the positive character traits of Taurus can be brought out even more positively? Then stick with it.

Characteristics of Taurus & meaning of the zodiac sign

Are you looking for the characteristics of the Taurus zodiac sign? The zodiac sign with the celestial body Venus and the element earth stands for very loyal and warm-hearted people. Your personality is characterized above all by down-to-earthness, contentment and calmness. The second sign of the zodiac is protective but also stingy and possessive.

In general, Taurus goes through life very positively and is particularly impressive with their patience. The zodiac sign Taurus can be optimally supported with various birthstones or power stones and beads.

Zodiac jewelry – malachite

Green malachite is a natural stone/gemstone and can help Taurus to connect mind and feeling and thus make the decision-making process easier. Malachite represents luck and protection and has a positive effect on the body. It can support the psyche and help you to be balanced and cheerful. It is also beautifully green, rather dark and looks particularly good in combination with real 925 sterling silver.

The beauty of nature is captured in our malachite zodiac jewelry and the wearer is surrounded by the aura and energy of the stone.

Engelsrufer zodiac sign Taurus power stone malachite

Malachite, tiger eye, red jasper, rose quartz in jewelry, blue agate or lapis lazuli are also beautiful gemstones that are particularly useful in jewelry. They are also a great and inexpensive gift idea for your mother, sister, friend or family member. The power stones made of gemstones are available in bracelets, necklaces and real silver earrings .

That fits the zodiac sign Taurus

When it comes to choosing a partner, this most likely falls on the zodiac sign Cancer. Cancers perfectly complement the characteristics of Taurus. The traits of the two zodiac signs are similar and they love a relaxed life together. The ascendant of Taurus is Scorpio. An ascendant is the distinction between the zodiac sign. The zodiac sign shows the obvious character traits of a person, while the ascendant describes the differences we have to people with the same zodiac sign. The ascendant therefore symbolizes a person's goals and also affects interaction with other people.

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