Schmuck der nicht abfärbt - schweißresistente Accessoires

Jewelry that doesn't rub off - sweat-resistant accessories

Discolored skin from jewelry? Annoying, right? Here you can find out which materials can be used to avoid discoloration or changes in jewelry caused by sweat or water.

Costume jewelry almost always rubs off after a certain amount of time. Whether earrings that stain the earlobe or necklaces that stain the neck and décolleté. This is completely normal with costume jewelry as it is usually made of nickel. When the material comes into contact with water and sweat, the natural process of oxidation is increased.

Jewelry materials

Gold is a precious metal that does not oxidize, meaning it cannot tarnish and rub off on the skin. Sterling silver also does not oxidize from sweat or water. Stainless steel jewelry behaves the same way. It never tarnishes and therefore does not discolor the skin. There are also many pieces of jewelry made from gemstones such as rose quartz or malachite. There is no need to worry about them changing color or changing color.

Jewelry for summer

In summer, it's a good idea to wear jewelry that doesn't rub off on your skin because you sweat a lot and maybe jump into the pool, sea or lake to cool off. You often forget to take off your jewelry beforehand and then regret it afterwards. That's why you should wear real jewelry because it doesn't mind getting wet.

An anklet recommendation, for example, is the Moonlight women's anklet made of stainless steel, silver and gold. Bicolor in combination with gold and silver is the new super team. This color composition gives the outfit a little more life and also doesn't look so standard.

The Engelsrufer brand also has a beautiful jewelry collection made of sterling silver and gemstones with certain powers and functions.

Water resistant watches

All Engelsrufer watches are nickel-free, waterproof up to 5 ATM and easy to close. Engelsrufer has a large selection of detailed watches for women. The wristwatches with tree of life, flower of life , hummingbird , heart or flower fit perfectly on every wrist and give you that certain something. You can buy Engelsrufer watches in gold, silver or rose gold with interchangeable straps in leather or mesh online here and have them delivered directly to your home.

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